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It started with that first air rifle as a child, day after day shooting groups at 20 meters, the relentless pursuit of excellence had already begun.  The passion grew when that first optic was mounted and zeroed on a 22LR.  The first building blocks of what was to become a solid foundation were laid with that old staple the .303.  This foundation began to set with an old Parker Hale .308 sporting a UNRTL scope as the art of sniping and science of long range shooting was introduced and mastered. As time crept forward the technology and environment changed, the passion did not. From the Canadian wilderness to the dark alleys of a recently liberated Kabul and the raging battlespace of Khandahar Province, old staples were confirmed and new methodologies discovered and perfected.  The Parker Hale became a suppressed .308 gas gun, .338 LM was introduced and changed the game again,  50 BMG was pushed beyond its limit, but the foundation and passion stayed the same, rock solid and unshifted.  Learning, leading, adapting and executing soon meshed with education and mentoring.  Human Learning dynamics were studied and witnessed first hand. Muscle memory, physiology, human performance under stress and performance on demand were no longer catch phrases.  They were understood and witnessed as repeatable scientific reactions and the socratic approach became second nature.  Years of working along side,training and constantly learning from our nation's elite lead to the responsibilty of instilling that same foundation on newcomers.  It was no longer happenstance.  The methods of laying this foundation had become a precise science.  As time continued on and the precision rifle sports exploded in popularity, so too did the technology.  Years of real world experience paired with an open mind allowed for the ability to sieve through the fads and rampant online misinformation and embrace credible products and technology with ease. 

Now in 2018, the drive to grow the industry and sport in Canada is stronger than ever.  All of us at Houlie Precision Inc. hope you join us and support us as we start the next chapter in this life long journey of all things precision rifle.  


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